Riverside Adoption Attorney

Picture of adoption request papersAn adoption is the process of creating a new parental relationship with a child. The adopting parent takes on all of the parental rights and obligations of a biological parent. This includes custody rights and support obligations for the adopted child.

The type of adoption depends on the relationship of the adoptive parent, including the following:

  • Agency Adoption
  • Independent Adoption
  • Stepparent Adoption

In a Stepparent Adoption request, a child’s legal stepparent is seeking to become the child’s legal parent. This first requires the parental rights of the other biological parent to be terminated, which can occur through an agreement of the parties. If the other parent is not in agreement to the adoption, then the stepparent will have to file a motion to terminate parental rights.

In every Adoption case, a Court Investigation will take place. Adoption cases are complex and require parties to adhere to specific rules. If you are contemplating an adoption, you should speak with an experienced local family law attorney who understands the process.