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We protect our clients during every stage of the legal process, from the beginning of a criminal investigation to the final resolution of their vandalism case. Lapine and Forsse are dedicated to providing personalized attention and a proactive approach towards each case. Our team of professionals is waiting to discuss the details of your case, call today.

There is not one vandalism case that is exactly like another. That is why you need a qualified attorney that is trained to pick out the special portions of each vandalism case that make them unique and can potentially mitigate or even negate any potential crime. Lapine and Forsse have ample experience handling such cases throughout the Menifee area. Call today and the first consultation is free for new clients.

When you call Lapine and Forsse, we provide you with a free initial consultation so you know exactly where you stand. There is someone on your side who can help guide you through the tangled web called the criminal justice system. Lapine and Forsse knows vandalism laws, and more importantly, we know the system.

If you have been accused or arrested of a crime and need tailored legal representation, call Lapine and Forsse. Residents from the Menifee area can depend on Lapine and Forsse for proper guidance throughout the duration of their vandalism case. Call Lapine and Forsse today for a free consultation to discuss your vandalism matter now.

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