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The attorneys in our office have successfully handled grand theft cases in the Jurupa Valley area. Lapine and Forsse provides personal attention, honest and direct representation, and a record of jury trial success that works as an advantage to each client. Lapine and Forsse have the dedication and compassionate to protect you and your rights while doing everything possible to seek the best possible result.

At Lapine and Forsse, we take a collaborative approach to seek innovative solutions to your grand theft legal issue. Our primary concern is to achieve the optimum resolution for you. Jurupa Valley residents have depended on Lapine and Forsse for an abundant amount of time.

You deserve the best in legal representation. The lawyers at Lapine and Forsse are prepared to work with you to provide the best defense possible against the grand theft charges you are facing. For many years, our team has been practicing criminal defense, bringing fair and just representation in the Jurupa Valley community.

Lapine and Forsse will handle your grand theft case with individual attention and care while designing a tailored strategy that best suits your case. Do not allow your grand theft case to place a burden on your life. Residents in Jurupa Valley and surrounding areas can rely on Lapine and Forsse to properly represent their case. Call the office of Lapine and Forsse at (866) 306-9094 today to set up a free consultation of your grand theft case today.

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