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Your choice of representation could mean the difference between freedom and incarceration. Our Murrieta law firm provides individualized attention and care by a dedicated attorney who will work tirelessly to try to achieve positive results. Lapine and Forsse have helped an abundant amount of clients, just like you, who are facing drunk driving charges.

At Lapine and Forsse, you will know you have a fearless advocate on your side. In any criminal case, the relationship between a client and his or her attorney can be an important factor. That is why we value a strong attorney and client relationship. Our attorneys will provide you with personal and professional attention and care to your case in order to do everything possible to give clients the best possible result for their drunk driving case.

Replace doubt with confidence when your future and freedom are in jeopardy. What you need is a Murrieta criminal defense attorney who aggressively fights back and is knowledgeable in drunk driving cases and the laws. Lapine and Forsse are notorious for providing clients with their personal attention and actually caring for their clients.

Have you or a loved one been arrested or are under investigation for a drunk driving charge? If so, you need an aggressive and compassionate attorney that puts the needs of their clients first. Lapine and Forsse has a team of board-certified attorneys that have a focus on drunk driving cases. Call (866) 306-9094 to schedule a consultation-- the initial consultation for new clients is free.

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