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Drunk Driving Attorney Corona

Let Lapine and Forsse be your go-to legal representation for your drunk driving case. We aggressively defend your rights and make sure you are treated fairly throughout the entire legal process. Our law firm is dedicated to helping those in the Corona area facing drunk driving charges.

When facing drunk driving charges, the police are NOT on your side and do not care about your best interests. In fact, police have the considerable training to monitor your actions and words from the moment they engage you. Remain polite and respectful, but remember your rights. Call Lapine and Forsse.

Lapine and Forsse have a successful history with clients from the Corona area because your needs are put first. Wherever you are in the Corona area, do not settle for less than top quality representation. Lapine and Forsse have handled numerous of successful drunk driving cases and wants to do the same for you.