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Child Abuse Attorney Temecula

We can help you better understand the nature of the child abuse charges against you, your legal options and explain strategies that we can use to fight for your rights. We will work with you to develop a strong defense in hopes to reduce the charges against you and increase your odds of winning at trial, if necessary. Lapine and Forsse have represented many child abuse cases in the Temecula community and can help you with yours.

Each attorney at Lapine and Forsse treats every client with respect and compassion during this stressful period in their lives. Child abuse charges can be detrimental to your future and reputation. Do not face Temecula prosecutors and police alone, have Lapine and Forsse by your side.

The professionals of Lapine and Forsse are passionate about defending the rights of our clients, striving to produce the best possible result for your child abuse case. Temecula area residents can benefit from the resources, skills, and experience Lapine and Forsse have to offer. If you are looking for a qualified child abuse lawyer who is proficient in Temecula laws, contact our child abuse law firm to bring the defense your case needs.

Do not let the stress of a child abuse case put a burden on your life. Let Lapine and Forsse represent your child abuse case. Each lawyer presented by Lapine and Forsse have the expertise in constructing personalized strategies and assistance throughout the duration every child abuse case. Call (866) 306-9094 to schedule a free consultation to discuss the details of your child abuse case.

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