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Battery Attorney Murrieta

Lapine and Forsse represents clients from the Murrieta area who have been arrested, accused of a crime, or are aware that they are under investigation for an alleged crime. Our team of battery lawyers has ample experience representing clients protect their rights. Lapine and Forsse believes that every client is innocent until proven guilty.

Your choice of representation could mean the difference between freedom and incarceration. Our Murrieta law firm provides individualized attention and care by a dedicated attorney who will work tirelessly to try to achieve positive results. Lapine and Forsse have helped an abundant amount of clients, just like you, who are facing battery charges.

When you contact our firm, you can receive the proven defense of our Murrieta criminal defense attorney. Our goal is to help you avoid the full force of the penalties you may be facing. Lapine and Forsse is a team of dedicated, compassionate, and fierce advocates.

Without attentive and knowledgeable attorneys, battery cases have a low probability of success. At Lapine and Forsse, every attorney provided has the expertise and attention to detail needed to represent Murrieta residents with their battery case. Call Lapine and Forsse at (866) 306-9094 today to discuss the details of your case with a board-certified attorney.

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