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Battery Attorney Lake Elsinore

Experience is nothing without proven success. Our Lake Elsinore criminal defense attorney has successfully defended numerous battery cases. No matter how difficult your case may seem, you want an attorney to put your best interests first. Lapine and Forsse will not shy away from aggressively fighting to protect your rights and freedom.

A skilled and effective attorney may dramatically change the outcome of your battery case. Lapine and Forsse will protect your interests, ensure that your side of the story will be investigated and vigorously advocated on your behalf. Work closely with a knowledgeable and compassionate attorney today when you call our firm.

Did you know that being convicted of a crime could potentially prevent you from voting, obtaining gainful employment or even renting an apartment? Do not take a gamble when it comes to your rights immediately contact a knowledgeable battery defense attorney. Our attorneys will go over the facts of your case and recommend the most effective defense strategy.