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Battery Attorney Lake Elsinore

Being arrested or charged with a battery does not mean you are guilty, but it does mean you need to protect your rights. Contact Lapine and Forsse to receive personalized attention, honest and proactive communication, and have your interest put first. We are a team of Lake Elsinore attorneys who have a passion for aggressively defending our clients throughout the entire legal process.

Make sure you take advantage of the level of legal representation that we can provide when your very future is on the line. When you work with a Lake Elsinore criminal defense lawyer from our firm, you can breathe easier knowing that we will be willing to go the distance in our efforts to help you fight for your desired result in your battery case.

Did you know that being convicted of a crime could potentially prevent you from voting, obtaining gainful employment or even renting an apartment? Do not take a gamble when it comes to your rights immediately contact a knowledgeable battery defense attorney. Our attorneys will go over the facts of your case and recommend the most effective defense strategy.